BIO 520 Beyond Green®

It is not an Organic Plant Nutrient it is BIO 520 Beyond Green®


BIO 520™ is not an Organic Plant Nutrient it is BIO 520 Beyond Green® beyond organic beyond green, is a plant liquid growth promoter like no other it is concentrated and easy to use, great for any type of growth agriculture, Vertical Farming, horticulture, Greenhouse, Aeroponics, viticulture, floriculture, aquaculture, hydroponics, Organopónicos, Aeroponics, Aquaculture, Fogponic, Permaculture, Vertical Farming, and home gardening. BIO 520 Beyond Green® has been developed by a team of Japanese scientists over a period of several years including extensive real-life cultivation and laboratory experimentation & validation. The product is a “game changer”, shielding crops from the uptake of harmful chemicals applied by growers during conventional grow practices or accumulated from decades of conventional use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. 

BIO 520 Beyond Green® is a chemical free inorganic liquid mineral nutrient concentrate for plant cultivation, enables plants to absorb greater amounts of nutrients. It also enables nitrogen fixation from the air. BIO 520 Beyond Green® is composed of water-soluble Natural essential minerals full of micro nutrients pulverized using a proprietary acoustic process, sourced from Pressurized Volcanic Magma and sea sediments.

The process imparts an electromagnetic energy charge to the ingredient minerals. The minerals provide nutrition and energy to the plant system to stimulate healthy cultivation. Because BIO 520 Beyond Green® is inorganic, using the products has no adverse or other effect on organic practices or certification.  BIO 520 Beyond Green® product is OMRI Listed and SC Labs Tested. It may be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program regulations.

100% earth friendly

ZERO Chemicals Hormones Additives

DECREASE Growth cycle Water usage Insects

About Us

BIO 520 Beyond Green® is a natural product that biologically enhances and supports agriculture to optimize all aspects of the growing cycle. Depleted soil, man-made chemicals, water scarcity and profit seeking have changed the way plants in today’s marketplace are commonly grown. Not unlike industrial livestock, plants are forced to grow and produce in unnatural conditions. BIO 520 Beyond Green® provides leverage against the expected and the unusual growing situations currently being used. Returning to nature BIO 520 Beyond Green® provides the trace elements that remind the plant of its true potential.


BIO 520 Beyond Green® is an easy to use irrigation additive which effectively replaces most if not all of the additives you may be using. Of course if you’re uneasy about totally shifting your growing system over BIO 520 Beyond Green® works with the plants natural characteristics and will not be impacted by any other product currently being used or that may still exist in the soil. The application is effortless as BIO 520 Beyond Green® is added to whatever irrigation method you’re currently using. Other than the first introduction of the product there need be no additional applications beyond normal watering. As the entire growth cycle is significantly shortened overall water usage is reduced significantly.


In repeated scientific studies BIO 520 Beyond Green® natural and propriety formula provides the plant with the elements required for optimal lifecycle. Simply put, a shorter, more robust growing cycle with quick germination, lively sprouts and higher yields with the end products testing to organic levels (regardless of the previous state of the soil).

Our studies have also show plants to have healthier defenses and are therefore more resistant to pests and disease. BIO 520 Beyond Green® delivers increased yields, and improved quality and safety of our food chain. 

"Lab Tested, Farmer Approved!"

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